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Online Webinar Series


Did you miss our ATSIMA 2020 Online Webinar Series ‘Nhewaŋana’ ‘Nhe djämamirriyaŋana’‘You Speak It’ ‘You Create It’ If you did you can catch up here. We are excited to have a further series planned for late 2021 early 2022, join up as an ATSIMA member so you don’t miss this webinar series.



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ATSIMA is keen to continue developing relationships with partners to address the ongoing disparity between maths learning outcomes of First Nations Australian students and their non-Indigenous counterparts. This continuing gap of at least two years is unacceptable. ATSIMA is looking for partners to roll out programs Australia wide including Professional Learning, Resource development, STEM and STEAM camps and ATSIMA school


Professional Learning


ATSIMA is working in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and its ‘Connected Communities‘ program to deliver Professional Learning to 14 rural and remote schools in NSW. Part one of the PL was delivered in 2020/2021 with ATSIMA working with the schools developing relationships and introducing the Goompi Model. Part two of the PL is being delivered in 2021/2022



Prof. Chris Matthews has been working with Firefly Education developing video resources on some fantastic topics, including Maths as Storytelling, Linear Equations, What is Mathematics, Cultural Perspectives in Mathematics and other topics, these video resources are now available exclusively to ATSIMA Ordinary or Associate members. If you would like access to these resources, please click here to join up as