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Engage with ATSIMA

If you would like to network, engage and connect with the ATSIMA community, sign up for Ordinary or Associate membership. These Membership categories will provide you the option to join the member-only Discord community channel, where you can interact and keep up to date with the ATSIMA member community.



ATSIMA is excited to release a Policy and Fee Structure for membership. ATSIMA now has three categories of membership, Affiliate, Associate, and Ordinary, please see information about what is included in each membership category here.


Strategic Plan

The ATSIMA Strategic Plan for 2021-2023 is now available.



Prof. Chris Matthews has been working with Firefly Education developing video resources on some fantastic topics, including Maths as Storytelling, Linear Equations, What is Mathematics, Cultural Perspectives in Mathematics, these video resources will be available to Ordinary or Associate members via the ATSIMA website very soon.


NSW Professional Learning


ATSIMA is working in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and its ‘Connected Communities’ program to deliver Professional Learning to 16 rural and remote schools in NSW. Part One of the PL is being rolled out in phases and currently, ATSIMA is working with the schools on relationships. This phase builds a sound understanding of the school and its