Online Webinars

ATSIMA 2020/21 Online Conference Webinar Series
‘Nhewaŋana’ ‘Nhe djämamirriyaŋana’

‘You Speak It’ ‘You Create It’

The ATSIMA inaugural online conference series was a great success and  was not to replace the postponed ATSIMA 2020 conference. Instead, it offered a special opportunity for speakers and participants to share their journey towards the future conference experience.

Sessions 2022

Introduction Session 1

Sessions 2020/2021

In the first session Deb Carmichael, gave us five ways to include checkpoints in our lesson plans in her presentation 'Small Shifts, Big Gains' and Gabrielle Quakawoot, who explored ancient geometry in 'The Art of String Theory'

At the end of each webinar, ATSIMA sent out a survey to all delegates. The following are a selection of testimonials from the surveys:

  • "Everything was so useful and interesting! As an early careers teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and have definitely taken valuable things from today that I am very keen on trying in my own classrooms! Thank you!"
  • "Appreciating the different perspectives and approaches to teaching maths between western and Indigenous cultures."
  • "It was particularly good for me to see Indigenous perspectives and how the ancient knowledge systems incorporated geometry."
  • "Lots of excellent strategies were outlined."
  • "Great speakers who were able to present their research in a concise and engaging manner."