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Educators want to understand the connections between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and mathematics to improve mathematics outcomes for students. ATSIMA continues to work with urban, regional, rural and remote Communities and schools around Australia, developing and delivering professional learning programs.

ATSIMA programs are targeted at

Classroom Teachers, Support Officers, Students, Parents and Community



Exploring the connection between mathematics and culture

Introducing the Goompi model which is a theoretical framework that can be used to create culturally responsive pedagogy

Participate in a new way of teaching mathematics for number and algebra through creativity, cultural expression and explicit links to Aboriginal culture

Introduce the connection between Aboriginal Kinship and mathematics

ATSIMA can also tailor PL programs to your needs.


ATSIMA PL programs are targeted at

Classroom teachers, Indigenous Community educators, school leaders, support officers, parents and Community members


  • Provide professional learning opportunities in GOOMPI MATHS ie culturally responsive mathematics education
  • Support cultural identity and embrace Community partnerships
  • Provide support for both primary and secondary schools
  • Work with school communities and education systems
  • Design learning with you to meet your school/system's needs


Mathematics education is failing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander learners. NAPLAN and PISA results continue to highlight the gap in maths learning outcomes of up to 2 years difference between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners and non-Indigenous students. The Prime Minister’s Closing the Gap reports continue to reveal that between 17-19% of Indigenous students are below the national minimum standards in numeracy. As a result, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are significantly under-represented both professionally and academically within STEM fields across Australia. This must be changed.

Professional learning programs 1-6 day program (each session builds on the previous one)

  • Session 1: Connecting maths and culture
    • the Goompi Model
    • example units of learning
    • building relationships with Community
    • strategies and examples for applying the Goompi Model in the classroom
    • an introduction to the ATSIMA Planning Tool
  • Session 2: Applying the Goompi Model
    • Introduction to the Interactive Numeracies rich learning tasks
  • Session 3: Creativity in the classroom
    • builds on days 1-2 and includes:
    • creativity and teaching maths
    • a dive into some rich contexts in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics
    • planning for the classroom with the Goompi Model
  • Session 4-6: Implementing and sustaining Goompi Maths
    • build on previous days with more comprehensive strategies that support educators to create, plan, implement and sustain Goompi Maths

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  • "Pattern thinking is Aboriginal thinking. There is no big boss. Patterns are about belonging. Nothing is separate from anything else." David Mowaljarlai, Elder from Derby Aboriginality a Gift: Spirituality for a Nation