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Walungurru School Visit

Great to support Walungurru Community in connecting maths with local culture and language. ATSIMA continues its vision to collaborate with Communities all over Australia.
Working in this remote community in the Northern Territory, Chris and the Walungurru team are committed to making a real change in the education for the students and bring more connection to Luritja language and Pintubi culture. The team teaches the Ninu (Bandicoot) class, a year 5-6 class, and was looking at ways to teach place value for the students.
There were many discussions around how to connect Luritja and the concepts that are embedded in place value e.g. zero, groups, groups of tens (or tens) etc. Students worked with cards to connect Luritja and English with the symbols connected to place value. The students were also working with the structure of place value by using ten frames (which the students were familiar with) to represent the number of tens and ones.
Collaborations like these help to deliver significant benefits to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Thanks to Toyota Foundation for supporting this project.