Prof. Chris Matthews has been working with Firefly Education developing video resources on some fantastic topics, including Maths as Storytelling, Linear Equations, What is Mathematics, Cultural Perspectives in Mathematics, these video resources will be available to Ordinary or Associate members via the ATSIMA website very soon.

NSW Professional Learning

ATSIMA is working in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and its ‘Connected Communities’ program to deliver Professional Learning to 16 rural and remote schools in NSW. Part One of the PL is being rolled out in phases and currently, ATSIMA is working with the schools on relationships. This phase builds a sound understanding of the school and its

ATSIMA 2020/21 Online Conference Webinar Series

ATSIMA’s inaugural online conference series has been a great success so far. This online conference series does not replace the postponed ATSIMA 2020 conference. Instead, it offers a special opportunity for speakers and participants to share their journey towards the future conference experience. Session 1, Deb Carmichael gave us five ways to include checkpoints in our lesson plans through her

PODCAST – Making a Connection to Culture

Listen to a podcast where The Random Sample from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) chats with Professor Chris Matthews in Making a Connection to Culture. Patterns are at the heart of mathematics. In fact, mathematics has sometimes been called a science of patterns. When it comes to mathematics and Indigenous students in our

Mathematics Through Kinship Systems

Prof. Chris Matthews recently delivered an online presentation for the Aboriginal STEM summit Mathematics Through Kinship Systems. You can access the presentation here.