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First Nations histories and cultures content in the latest version of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

Dr Caty Morris delivered a workshop at the South Australian Museum with the University of Adelaide CSER – The Computer Science Education Research team on Friday.
The day started with a private tour of the Australian Aboriginal Cultures Galleries with Dr Jared Thomas. Important connections were made with relevant items in the Museum such as projectile technologies (e.g. spear throwers), instructional games, and fishing nets and traps.
Following the tour, participants attended a workshop facilitated by Dr Caty Morris, where educators received access to lesson plan examples and teacher background information to support curriculum planning. Local contexts were explored with the opportunity for some collaborative planning at the end of the day.
The workshop included:
  • A deeper understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and how to respectfully and appropriately deliver this in the maths classroom.
  • Learning about ways to connect mathematics with First Nations cultures including through material culture items such as projectile technologies.
  • Learning about The Goompi Model that provides a framework to develop lesson strategies, plans and ideas that can be adapted to school contexts.