ATSIMA 2020/21 Online Conference Webinar Series

ATSIMA’s inaugural online conference series has been a great success so far. This online conference series does not replace the postponed ATSIMA 2020 conference. Instead, it offers a special opportunity for speakers and participants to share their journey towards the future conference experience.

Session 1, Deb Carmichael gave us five ways to include checkpoints in our lesson plans through her presentation Small Shifts, Big Gains. Gabrielle Quakawoot then explored ancient geometry in her presentation The Art of String Theory.

Session 2, Di Siemon discussed Realising ‘best practice’ in (M/m)athematics education followed by Nicole Boyd who explored Hearing student voice on Akatyerr (desert raisin) wild harvest.

Session 3, Amber Hughes discussed Defining Equity in Mathematics Education for Indigenous Learners, and Rowena Ball explored Maths on Country. See bios and abstracts here:

Question and Answers for each session can be found here.

Bios and abstracts of presenters can be found CTA here.